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Pia Wallen Cross Blanket

I mentioned the other day that I had a knitted blanket in my living room that was leaving yarn fuzz all over my house (and hair and mouth). My new blanket from Pia Wallen arrived yesterday, and now the fuzz blanket has been banished to the bedroom until it can be replaced altogether. I’ve been debating getting the cross blanket for a few years, and now on the day it arrives, I noticed that the cross design is getting a bit of a bashing for being “trendy” on Apartment Therapy. C’est la vie. I don’t want to go to town with crosses all over my house– I’d just like my one cross blanket and I’m quite content. I’m very conscious of trying not to be too trendy in my home design, but it’s VERY HARD when you see one you like! Plus, I keep telling myself that this will be a design classic (to justify the £160 price).

I was thinking that I would take the sheepskin off of the sofa and replace it with the blanket, but when I tried it, I wasn’t a fan. It somehow lowered the tone of the the overall look of the room. I’m leaving the sheepskin, and have folded the blanket on our pouffes. (It’ll spend most of it’s time wrapped around me on the sofa, to be honest.)

If you’ve been entertaining getting one for yourself, I can tell you that it’s big, soft, and thick– everything you want in a blanket. The only thing I was surprised about was that the crosses were smaller than I thought they would be, but I don’t mind that at all.

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    March 9, 2014 at 1:20 am

    Hello Ferren!
    I live in Brazil and came to your blog because of the Apartment Therapy’s post about your living room makeover. I’m really enjoying your blog, specially beacause I’m also slowly decorating my house. I must confess I’m a very anxious person, so it’s not easy to have to wait to buy that sofa or to frame all the posters. However, following your little improvements is very inspiring and makes me feel that I’m not alone!

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      March 9, 2014 at 10:32 am

      Hi Alyne,
      It can take a long time, so I know how you feel. I’m still making improvements to the rest of my house and I’m constantly frustrated because I only allow myself one big purchase a month. It’s good sometimes to take a step back and see what you’ve done to give yourself a boost!

      Good luck with your decorating!

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