Plans for Mid-Century Ikea Expedit Hack

I’ve been scheming over here. We have two of the Expedit storage units from Ikea, and I want to give them a little makeover. We bought them earlier this year to help us organise our music equipment and records, which it has done really well. We were always planning to get some door inserts for them to hide some of the things we need to store, like the endless amount of cords we have, but I’ve decided to take it a little further after seeing this hack… 

The people that did this makeover did a great job and it got me thinking that maybe our Expedits don’t have to be all substance and no style. Look how pretty the mid-century style is! We can’t make it look exactly like a mid-century sideboard, but that’s okay, we’ll make something that fits our needs.

The reason we picked a white unit is because it visually takes up less space, so I don’t want to do any design changes that will reverse that. Here’s what I’m thinking…

I want to put some teak handles on the doors, and attach some teak legs to give a little contrast. I’ll only have drawers in the bottom two cubbies because we want to display our records in the top, so I’m thinking I’d like to get some panels to stick to the insides of the top cubbies.

Should be good, right? It’s at least an improvement, but I think it should be good!

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