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In my post on Copenhagen, I mentioned stumbling upon the Playtype Store in all of its typographical glory. The funny thing about this shop is that I’ve unknowingly loved it for a couple of years now. I’ve seen (and loved) prints across blogs with giant letters and wondered where they came from, but it’s not exactly easy to google “giant c poster”.

playtype playtype

As I mentioned before, I walked in the store and darted around like a weirdo as soon as I saw all of the prints and type-based goodies. When I saw that it was a store about type from the outside, I had low expectations because so many people get it wrong, but it’s everything. We bought two prints and mailed them to ourselves from Denmark, and they safely arrived a couple of days ago. One of them is an abnormal size, which is annoying, but the larger one fits inside of an IKEA frame. As soon as it arrives, I’ve got to find a place to put it, and I’ll be taking photos to share!

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