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‘The Round Dorm’ by Ferm Living / Pia Wallen Cross Blanket


I currently have two blankets in my house. One hideous, beige fleece thing that is mainly relegated to the bedroom, and one knitted blanket that used to be cute before it started leaving fluff all over my house. The fluff is seriously out of hand. In addition to that, it’s multicoloured and, since it’s in the living room, I’d prefer if it were black/white/grey.

What does that have to do with this Round Dorm from Ferm Living? I was on the Ferm Living website looking for new blankets (because I’m fed up with fluff!) and saw this amazing wall hanging. Why is it called “The Round Dorm”? I’m sure I have no idea, but if they tell me that’s what it’s called, I accept that. It’s in the same style of the captain’s mirrorΒ I discussed some months back. It’s a sweet way to display little ornaments and boxes.

pia wallen cross blanket

I didn’t get totally off-task, if you’re wondering. After looking around, I decided that I’d like to invest in a Pia Wallen cross blanketΒ soon. I’ve been admiring these for a couple of years, but I thought the bold black with white crosses may not go with the look of the living room. I forgot that the underside of the blanket is the inverse with white as the primary colour. The living room above is a similar colour palette to mine and the blanket looks great, so I think I’ll go for it.

I also want to get a new camera next month so I can post more photos of what I’ve been getting up to. Can’t do both… I want too many things!

Top images courtesy of Ferm Living. Bottom image via

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