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Sofa Saga 2013: A Selection Has Been Made


You may recall that I’ve had a new sofa on my mind for a little while now. After months of butt pain and staring at a very brown, drab sofa, a selection was made for our new sofa at 1900 hours last night!

We’d been looking for a sofa bed for a few weeks now and, I have to say, there is a serious gap in the market for good-looking sofa beds. Why do most of them have to be so damn puffy? And so… 90s?! We were honing in on a couple of Ikea choices when I saw this beauty from Loaf


It’s so cute, but didn’t fit the requirements. It’s not a sofa bed, it only seats 2 people, and it’s out of our budget. I couldn’t get over how amazing this couch was, but it was a no-go.

Then, like an angel whispering in my ear, it occurred to me that we don’t need a sofa-bed. We could just buy a blow-up mattress for when guests sleep over. After that, it was game on for whatever sofa we wanted! Made had an incredible sale on the sofa pictured at the top called the Ritchie. It looks a lot like the Loaf sofa, except bigger and the price was right. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse and we snapped it up.

In 9-11 weeks (read: too long) it will be all ours! It’s really going to change the look and feel (literally) of the room. Can’t wait.

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