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Solange’s ‘Girl of Blaze’ Puma Collection

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Solange (dj, musician, and fashionista extraordinaire) has released the lookbook for her new Girls of Blaze collection with footwear brand, Puma. In true Solange style, the sneakers are a colorful mixture of patterns and neon. They’re precisely the sort of shoe that you wouldn’t mind throwing on with a skirt.

In my mind, sneakers have always been a practical form of footwear until I got a pair of Nike Air Max. It then clicked for me that tennis shoes could be stylish accessories. I know, I know. Lots of people spend a lot of money on designer sneakers— I just wasn’t one of them.

Part of the charm with my Nikes, and similarly with Solange’s collection, is the bright colour palette. They brighten up an outfit and add instant interest. They’re shoes for people who want to make a statement with they’re footwear. Here’s what Ms. Solange has to say about it:

I will be the first to admit, sneakers were always mostly used in my lifestyle in an athletic setting. However, once I moved to New York that changed. When you’re walking from spot to spot, hopping in and out of cabs and the train, by mid-day the thing that suffers the most are your feet. Going out at night? Forget about it! So I started to try to structure my outfits around a statement sneaker honestly out of practicality.

I think women have really focused on the idea that sexiness and femininity is a state of mind, really projecting confidence throughout the voice of saying when I feel good, I look good. That can be interpreted in so many ways…but certainly a level of comfort can exist. You will never have more fun at the club when you are wearing sneakers really dancing your ass off! I’ve also noticed the gender lines have crossed so much when it comes to sneakers as well. Women are wearing men’s sneakers, and I can’t tell you how many men have asked me if the Discs from my collection will come in larger sizes so they can rock them as well!

She’s gone a long way in reinvigorating a brand that (let’s face it) has been a bit M.I.A. in recent years. I’m glad to see Solange come on board, and I’m looking forward to seeing future collections.

Photos courtesy of Puma.


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