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I’ve been ferreting away kitchen ideas and, until yesterday, I was pretty sure I wanted to go for plywood doors on base cabinets and white formica doors on wall cabinets. I even found this company called Plykea that make plywood fronts for Ikea base cabinets. Surprisingly, fully bespoke plywood cabinets are $$$, but if you just get the plywood doors and put them on Ikea carcasses, it’s much more affordable.

Anyway, yesterday I came across this Swedish kitchen and was immediately obsessed with it. You would think stainless steel cabinets would look like a commercial kitchen, but this one is styled with a mixture of country kitchen and industrial style accessories which makes it feel homey. You know what’s even better? This might look expensive, but this kitchen is from the Ikea Grevsta range, and is actually really affordable. I think I’m converted, guys.

What do you think? Do you think it’s too sterile or can you see the charm?

Via Remodelista

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