Stationery Compositions by Present and Correct


I have lots of project ideas kicking around in my head, and some of them make me so excited that I start fantasising about setting up a new office. Present and Correct is a stationery/gifts/home shop that specialise in beautifully designed goods, both new and vintage. They’ve been on my radar for several years, and when the time comes for me to fully set up my workspace, I know that I want this tray, these clips and these scissors as part of my collection.

P&C’s eye for design is apparent enough through scrolling through their product selection and blog, but to throw a little more design fun in the mix, they’ve now started a Tumblr blog featuring their playful compositions with stationery aptly named Stationery Compositions. You can purchase the items in the compositions, of course, but am I the only one that thinks they should sell these as art prints?! I’d get one!

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