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thanksgiving party

burger sliders

The holiday party season is just about upon us. We’ve decided to have a small party “thing” at our flat at the end of the month. Our flat isΒ so small that I’m not entirely sure how it’ll pan out, but these things tend to work themselves out. I’m tired of being held back from hosting parties because of our tiny house.

Even though Britain doesn’t care, Thanksgiving is at the end of the month and we’ll be doing the party that weekend. I usually cook Thanksgiving the weekend after because I don’t get the Thursday off, but this year I can’t tell if I want to cook a traditional Thanksgiving or do something else. There will be 10 of us total, so that’s a lot of people to cook for.

Here are my initial ideas: cook traditional Thanksgiving (booooring), have a DIY burger slider bar, or make “soul food sushi”. My mom told me about a party she went to once where they made “sushi” with soul food. So mac’n cheese instead of rice, fried chicken instead of fish, etc. I think I’ll try to make the sushi this weekend and see how difficult it is. I’ve never rolled sushi in my life, let alone soul food sushi. If that doesn’t work, I’ll test the sliders!

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