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The Ikea Frosta Stool

ikea frosta stool ikea frosta stool ikea frosta stool ikea frosta stool

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There’s a simple little stool that I’ll bet you’ve seen before, but maybe haven’t given much thought to: the Ikea Frosta stool. It’s based on a design by Alvar Alto called the model 60, and it’s so simple that it’s easy to overlook as a design classic. I’m not really posting to go into the history of this stool, however, so much as its great use in your home.

First things first, it’s only £8. For some reason, I’m not seeing the plain wooden version the US site, but the two versions with a orange or yellow top are $20 (saves you having to paint!). That’s a pretty affordable price for a birch stool. The other thing I love about it, which you’ll notice above, is that it’s stackable. That makes these excellent space-savers if you need to have some spare seating for guests without cluttering up your living area. I love the idea of painting these different colours and stacking them to the heavens! It’s a much nicer alternative to folding chairs.

These stools also work well as full-time dining seats, as the seat is as high as a standard dining chair, but they can also be used a little side table. You can leave it plain, paint the top, paint the legs, or paint the whole thing! There’s so many ways to hack these to make them suit your space. As the pink stools above show, one or two of these painted can add a very cool pop of colour to your room as well. I’m a big fan.

What do you think of these £8 wonders?

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