I Love The Little Goldie Shop

Just because you become a mom doesn’t mean you lose all of your good taste and suddenly want to surrender your house and person to tacky baby items. Some moms fall into this trap, but I’m endeavoring not to (though I did just buy Winter a hideous play mat to “stimulate his senses”). This has proven to be difficult, as a majority of baby items on the market are very similar to each other. You have to really hunt around to stumble upon more interesting alternative options. I use the word “stumble” because that’s exactly how I found the Little Goldie shop.

Little Goldie is my new jam! It’s full of beautiful wooden toys, which I plan to collect for Winter, as well as gorgeous accessories for your baby’s room. I’m obsessed with that ochre quilt and that basket. In fact, I may do a whole other post on those baskets in the future.

Look at that gorgeous doctor’s kit! JUST LOOK AT IT! You’re going to want to keep that for future babies. Look at that teepee! These are beautiful toys that you won’t mind being strewn across your living room floor. Little Goldie also sells quite a few wooden animals from a German toy-maker I like, Ostheimer. They use paints safe for babies to put in their mouths, and all of the designs have soft edges for babies’ hands. When Winter is old enough, I’ll be collecting these for him too. #woodentoysforever

Please go look at this shop! Get something for your friends who have kids, or for your kids, or for future kids-to-be! I love it.

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    March 17, 2016 at 9:45 am

    Just stumbled across this post via traffic on my site – oh my!!! Thank you so much. What absolutely lovely words! Your site is gorgeous – I will be following along! xx

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