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The Perfect Round Dining Table

I’ve been thinking on this subject for a while now because we’ll be able to create a little eating area in the new flat (we move in a week!). I’ve had windows open on my laptop of images to share with you, but the thought of pulling all of my ideas together for a post was sort of blowing my mind. Every time I’m 100% sure I’ve settled on a table, I see a new design I like. The trouble with looking for furniture is that you have a thing that you’ve never given so much thought to in your life, then suddenly you notice itΒ everywhere! Every table becomes my potential table.

Things I know: (1) the table must me small, (2) we want a round table. Aside from that, we’re pretty flexible on materials. The white table is drawing me in because white doesn’t take up too much visual space, BUT that table is very popular. I’m very concerned about buying too many trendy things for the flat. I want a design that will stand the test of time, not go out of fashion. A wood table could be lovely, but we already have beech chairs, so I’m not sure if the woods should match? Also, I don’t want the wood to make the space to brown and dark.

Maybe we should just suck it up and get the white table until we can afford to really spend some money on a table? Ah, choices!

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