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Time for a(nother) Hair Change: Hightop Hairstyle


I think the time has come for me to make yet another change to my hair. I don’t have the same relationship with my hair that most women seem to have. I don’t mind chopping it all off or wearing a crazy/edgy cut because… IT’S JUST HAIR. It grows back, people. A lot of people seem to be precious about their hair and, it turns out, my hair. Friends say, “I prefer your hair this way” or “never cut it like that again.” Thanks for the advice, peeps, but I’ll do what I like, if you please.

Back in 2005, I decided I wanted to try to go natural for the first time. I love the texture of my natural curls and I wanted to try to grow my fro. Since then, I’ve tried (and failed) several times to go natural. I would either shave it or relax it once it hit an awkward length. I get a little sad when I think of how aaaamazing my fro could be by now if I would have stuck to it. I fantasize of having hair like this some day…


The problem with this fantasy is that if I focus on having this big, beautiful hair, I’m constantly disappointed with my length until that day comes (which will be years). SO, with all of that back story said, I’ve decided for one more try to go natural. I read some great advice that in order to help you get through all of your various lengths, you should find a hair crush for where your at. I’ve gone out and found a few crushes that have me very excited!



I’m going to transition my relaxed hair and do a bit of a hightop style so I can hopefully skip my least favourite stage altogether.

Now with all of that said, I’d like to say something else… What I’m trying to do is grow my hair with my natural texture because I think it’s beautiful. What I’m not trying to do is make a statement about the state of black women’s self-image or about relaxers being evil. I fully appreciate that some people are really into natural ways of living and all manner of other things, but that’s just not where my spirit is at with this. I think that’s okay, but I’m just after something else. Everyone should just do what makes them feel good.

These images are all from Urban Bush Babes, which has LOTS of inspirational natural styles.

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