Time to Lose My Baby Weight

First off, I hate this mirror. It always looks dirty in pictures, but I guess it’s meant to look “antique”. Moving on…

My son is now nearly 16 months old. I forgot to get on the scale before I gave birth, so I don’t know exactly how much I gained during pregnancy, but I think it was around 25-30 lbs. I’ve always been pretty small– I’m 5’7″, and after high school my weight levelled off around 125 lbs. I obviously knew that I would gain weight after giving birth, but every woman is different, and you never know how pregnancy will affect you until you go through it. Even after giving birth, it takes a few months before you really get an idea of how much weight is going to stick with you. For me, I retained about 15 extra pounds, and over the holidays I gained another 5. Now I’m 144 lbs and enough is enough!

I’ve noticed that clothes I could fit a couple of months ago have gotten tighter, and I know this is a combination of very bad eating habits and a serious lack of exercise. I eat chocolate and chips, and drink beer, and basically eat things that will make you gain weight if you don’t exercise. I’m sharing this as a way of being accountable for my weight loss, and also to let you know that if you’re trying to lose wight, we’re in the same boat! Right now I’m starting with cutting out sugar, junk food, and carbs. I’m also going to make use of the MyFitnessPal app to track my calorie intake.

What tools and tips do you have to help drop extra weight?

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