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Typography + Interiors = Yes, Please!

typography in interiors

Let’s take a moment to recognise and appreciate the awesomeness that is the gallery wall of this home. You may be crushing on some of the typographical prints used throughout this house, and there’s a very good reason why there are so many. This house belongs to Kathrine HΓΈjriis,Β the owner of the print shop I Love My Type. If ever someone were to have an amazing typographical print collection, it would be her!

This charming three-bedroom apartment is located in Copenhagen– a design capital for those interested in Scandinavian furniture design. The majority of the flat is white, with subdued blue and pink tones mingling with rich wood accents. The wealth of art and cushions in the home creates a cosy atmosphere– a testament to Kathrine’s ability to make beautiful, well thought-out design look effortless. Despite the white walls/floors and designer furniture, I still feel that I could visit this home and feel at ease.

The colour palette is spot-on for me; washed out, without coming across bland. It’s a mature look that offers more wiggle room for mixing colours than a palette full of bold or fluorescent hues. You notice in the third photo that there is a bright pink paper ornament, but this is a seldom occurrence in the apartment, which increases the impact of its appearance. This is an overall beautiful apartment.

If you’d like to see the full home tour, hop over to Femina.

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