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Vintage Portraits in Decor


I’ve decided that I really like portrait paintings. This is news to me because I’m pretty sure that I found portraits boring until very recently. I’m converted because I’ve seen some inspiring use of portraits lately, and I love that it adds colour and character. Whenever I see one I want to know the story of the person and how they came to be a subject for a painting.

I think I like the portraits that have a slightly garish use of colour and expressive strokes. Our flat could use a splash of colour on the walls, so I’m thinking I may want to hang a portrait in this style. I can’t quite get behind the idea of hanging a portrait of a stranger, so what I’m thinking is that I may try my hand at painting a small portrait Β of my great-grandmother. I went to art school… sort of. Art history counts, right?

I think half of the battle with art is doing a piece with conviction. I’m going to try my best and see what comes out. I’m pretty sure it’s difficult, but I may secretly be the next Matisse!

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