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We got the keys!

First off, let’s do a deep sigh… We got the keys to our very first home. I posted some pictures of the flat a bit ago, but I’m sharing some work in progress today. People keep saying congratulations and asking if we’re excited and, to be honest, we haven’t had a chance to be excited yet. We walked into the flat after having not seen it since May, and we needed to get reacquainted with everything. Plus, we discovered a mouldy smell in Winter’s room and a broken window we need to deal with.

The day after getting the keys, we had builders in to knock the walls down in the living room that boxed in the kitchen (you can see it before here). This has helped open up the room, and will eventually create the open plan vibe we’re aiming for. There’sΒ so much to do in the flat. Tom has already ripped up the old laminate flooring which wasn’t in great shape, and we spent today taking down wallpaper.

As you can see in the writing on the wall in the picture above, this woodchip wallpaper was put up in 1981– one of the walls has writing talking about Barbara Streisand. In some places, the woodchip is on plasterboard, and in some places it’s on lumpy plaster. There’s mould in some places, which we’re having cleaned tomorrow. Blah, blah… this is starting to turn into a list. I plan on doing a post at some point about removing woodchip wallpaper because this is a tricky thing to do. Right now, I’m still in the middle of doing it, so I’d rather be on the other side of the task before sharing tips.

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