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We’re Buying a House… I think!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen that my husband and I have started the process on buying our very first flat! I’m always scared to call something mine until it’s in my hands, but we’re very much in the throws of the tedious buying process. I have been looking every day for months (years, really) and I was starting to feel like we would NEVER be able to get a flat in London, but check us out! Well, technically it’s in Croydon, which is still Greater London.

Croydon has a bad rep for being the “joke of London.” I guess when it was built up in the 60s, there were some bad planning decisions and it came to be known as a bit of a shithole. David Bowie seemed to really hate it. I realise I’m not selling it, but don’t worry! Croydon is presently undergoing a lot of regeneration to bring arts, culture, good food, and shopping to its people. With that, cool businesses like Boxpark and Westfield are arriving, and it promises to become a cool place to live.

Our flat is a small 2 bedroom new build. I would have loved to get a third bedroom, but that just wasn’t within our affordability. I think it will be a great starter home for our family and I’m, of course, looking forward to decorating the hell out of it. I’ve been pinning ideas trying to collate my thoughts, and above are three little examples of the direction I want to head with things. You can look forward to many posts on the flat as I dissect decorating each area. Moving is always a good opportunity to redecorate and I can’t wait!

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