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We’re Finally, Actually, Really Moving

Lord. Have. Mercy. What a year.

We started looking to buy our first flat at what feels like the dawn of time, and we finally made an offer on a new build flat in March. After two months, we decided to pull out of the purchase because some of the specifications on the flat weren’t what we chose, and I wasn’t 100% sold on moving to a new area. Another flat came available very near our current neighbourhood around this time, and I basically told Tom that I don’t care what it looks like– we’re getting it. Everything in our area is so expensive, so to find a flat in our price range was a gift from the gods.

The flat had been on the market a long time, and I’d previously seen it and overlooked it because it was just out of our range, and needs remodelling to boot. Once the price dropped, we snapped it up and were in for a never-ending story of trying to exchange contracts for SIX MONTHS. I don’t even have the mental energy to give this story the dramatic justice it needs. We almost didn’t close the deal several times, but we finally got there in the end.

So here it is. Prepare yourself…

The flat needs a lot of love. We want to paint, sort out the floors, redo the bathroom, knock through the wall separating the kitchen/living room, and most importantly, redo the kitchen. The kitchen is job #1– the refrigerator is in the middle of the living room, and there’s no oven. You read that right.

I think there’s a lot more we will do if time and money allow, but for now, dealing with knocking down a wall and replacing the kitchen is already threatening my edges. At least you can look forward to decorating and DIY posting– finally.

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