Yung Lenox, Illustration Wunderkind

lenox1 yung-lenox-6 Yung-Lenox-Classic-Hip-Hop-Album-Covers-Drawn-By-A-7-Year-Old-5 1cam

(Illustrations: A$AP Rocky, Morrissey, Cam’ron)

I love having a blog. I can talk about whatever I want: interiors, music, fashion, etc. One thing I don’t talk about very much, despite studying it over the course of two degrees, is art. No particular reason for that– just haven’t got around to it.

Today, I will break this streak by introducing you to illustration wunderkind, Yung Lenox. He has style and talent– all acquired by the tender age of seven! The story goes that his father introduced him to illustration through drawing superheroes as an activity. Shortly after, the young artist progressed onto drawing rap artists. What’s the connection? When Lenox asked his father his favourite superhero for inspiration for his next piece, his father chose Ghostface Killah.

When I think back to my drawings as a 7-year-old, I’m sure that I was terrible. Nothing like as promising as Yung Lenox. His use of colour and shading is really interesting. Have a look at this drawing, for example. This is fantastic for a child! He’s not just good for a child, however– his Morrissey illustration (third photo) is great forΒ anyone! Don’t just listen to me– he’s already exhibited in New York, he’s selling his work, and he’s doing interviews… Did I mention he’s seven?

Images via Yung Lenox’s Instagram and Shop

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